Thursday 28 July 2016

8 Things You Must Do Once A Week For Your Home!

Weekend is the time to enjoy and complete the unfinished tasks that bothered you for the whole week. So gear up, hold your duster and keep ticking off these 8 things you must do once every week to ensure you home stays clean and beautiful :

1) Wipe the Appliances:
Take off covers from your ACs and Refrigerators and remove the dust. We assume that we have covered all appliances but usually, little dust particles are always there beneath the covers. Never Ignore!!

2)Scrub the toilets, tubs, showers & sinks
Hygiene is where cleanliness is. Scrub the toilets, bath tubs, showers and sinks by using phenyl & anti germ liquids like Dettol, Lizol etc. Rise and Shine!!

3)Clean the Mirrors
Give crystal clear shine to your bathroom, washbasin & dressing table mirrors. Clean mirrors reflect a healthy & happy home. Why not take some selfies, eh?

4)Dust furniture & shelving
Your furniture defines you. Keeping your furniture clean and dust free must be your primary work. Along with that, ensure you clean your book racks & clothing shelves to give an organised look to your home.

5)Change the bed liners
At the end of the day, it’s your bed that dons the role of your best friend. Replace your bed sheet every week and ensure the lower half of the bed remains clean of dust.

6)Do the laundry
You can ignore everything but not your laundry. Neat & Clean clothes represent your personality. Never let it down. We understand that it is a tedious task, so switch on your music system and get, set, laundry!!

7)Vacuum carpets & rugs
Beautifully laid & well maintained carpets and rugs create an ambience of luxury around your living room. To ensure things stay as they are, vacuum your home carpets and rugs properly.

PRO TIP : Give special attention to the stink of sauces & ugly shoe patches. 


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