Sunday 26 June 2016

4 must-do Home Décor Ideas for Summer
The best part about summer is being in a complete relaxed mood. So why not enhance your relaxing time at home with some cool interior décor ideas? From warm colour palettes to casual furnishing, summer decor ideas are not just easy to implement but are sure to give you the complete cool comfort that you long for. Given below are few ideas for easy summer decor that will let you forget all about the scorching heat outside.

Dark and muted tones do not go very well with summer. Choose light and pastel coloured furniture, removable slipcovers, decorative throws or floral cushions in order to make your room vibrant and fresh.

Let in the cool night air and keep out the heat. It’s better to opt for curtains instead of drapes for the summer season.

 Kids Friendly
You can’t deny the fact that it is summer time and the kids are out of school. You can also encourage your kids to indulge in art and crafts activities like making decorative pieces with seashells, pine cones, etc. turn the best of their projects in a sweet home décor and show them around.

Outdoors also play an important role in livening up your mood while on a sunny day. Make space for flowers and plants and bring in some fresh fruit centrepieces.

This summer, if you want to revamp your house, giving it the perfect summer feel then refer to the above ideas and go for it. After all, it’s all about balancing it right and blending it with relaxation and enjoyment. Let the summer be as refreshing as you desire.  

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