Sunday 29 May 2016

Why Greater Noida Is The Best Place For Property Investment?

In today’s time, Greater Noida is one of the hottest destinations in the realty radar. At present, there are above 3,000 families who have opted to move into projects located in Greater Noida. It has been speculated that by the year 2018, the location will home around three lakh apartments. Given below are few major reasons why the demand for property is high in this region.

The Greater Noida West Region:
Previously known as Noida Extension, Greater Noida starts after Greater Noida Expressway. The roads are well laid out, connecting Noida and extending eastwards with new upcoming sectors. Wide numbers of residential and commercial projects are expected to be completed in the next 2 years.
One of the major landmarks for the region is the Formula 1 track. This has also contributed in boosting the real estate sector on the Yamuna Expressway, making way for a number of both residential and commercial projects. Moreover, in the coming years the first night safari in India has been planned on the Yamuna Expressway.

Greater Noida is wonderfully planned in terms of road connectivity. With an eight lane expressway that connects to Noida and further to Delhi, it becomes an ideal residential location for all working professionals. Moreover, the Noida-Greater Noida offers alternate connectivity to Noida City Centre and also Ghaziabad.
Recently, a six lane highway connects the region to Ghaziabad. The roads within the sectors in Greater Noida are statistically planned making it a more convenient place for residing and commuting. Moreover, after receiving the approval for extending the metro lines to Greater Noida, a number of developers and builders have opted for the region to construct commercial as well as residential projects.
The International Airport at Jewar, located 21 Kms from Formula 1 track, makes Greater Noida easily accessible for people all across the globe. This has further increased the demand for property. 

Educational & Commercial Hub:
Greater Noida also homes few of the most prominent educational institutions. Two of the well known universities in the region are Universities like Galgotia and Guatam Buddha University. There are also many professional institutes and colleges that are coming up in the next few years.
Along with the institutes and colleges there are also many IT and commercial offices that attracts residents from nearby cities.

Investment Returns:
With comparatively low property rates it is a perfect time to invest in property in Greater Noida. The region offers low rates as compared to nearby cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and also Noida. However, with due course of time the value of infrastructure is expected to increase.

Thus, Greater Noida is a place where you will find educational institutes with international standards, hospitals with advanced medical care, commercial places consisting of all brands and residential spaces. The region grants immense potential for property investors. Individuals are striving to avail both personal and professional benefits from this place. The residential locations in Greater Noida are NRI City, Jalvayu Vihar, Swarn Nagri and Parasnath Platinum. Similarly, sectors that are fully developed are Alpha, Beta and the Gamma sectors, which are already inhabited by people.
Therefore, if you are planning on investing on property, Greater Noida should be your first option as it offers all that is required for a comfortable and easy lifestyle.


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