Friday 23 January 2015

Arihant Group Wishes All Indian Citizens Happy Republic Day !

Arihant Group Salute India and wish everyone A Very Happy Republic Day. It's a great day for all of us, as it is the day when we got our constitution. Today is also a day to look back and give tribute to all the freedom fighters, who fought for our Nation, so let's cherish our glorious past with pride.

This day remind us of the work and life given by our brave Indians who scarified their lives for our freedom. We give our tribute to the members of the Constituent Assembly who fought for the safety and happy life of the Indians, who gave us our Constitution of which we are so proud of.

Today we get together to renew our faith and commitment in this day that has made India what it is and reach greatest heights. On this day of our national festival, let us all take the pledge to enrich and preserve our Nation and its heritage.


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