Wednesday 9 April 2014

Our Vote Is For A Better India - Pledge To Vote

Many political parties are fighting in the Lok Sabha Elections and are going into poll mode and are making efforts to gain the attention to wooing voters. The city is a buzz with campaigning and  the political parties are running multiple campaigns urging people to vote for them.  

This Lok Sabha Election is our only chance to change the course of our country away from drift, decay and betrayal and will signal what the future hold for us. Each and every one of us wants a better India and we can contribute in making our country a much more better place by using our individual voting right. it's impossible for anyone to stay away from the election buzz.So, step out of your comfort zone and commit to make a difference,  The election day has come closer and shifting into high gear and it is necessary for the citizens of India to exercise their right to vote.

Arihant Buildcon, pledges to vote in the Lok Sabha Election under every possible circumstances as it is our duty towards the country.

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